Elementary Series 04: Fire

Hello and Many Blessings to You!

So today I’ll be talking about the last element of the series: Fire!

Like Air, Fire is also a Masculine Element: active, dormant, always changing. But while Air embodies the mind and our logical thinking, Fire embodies our willpower, our actions, our drive to move forward.

Hence being told that you have a fiery attitude just means that you exhibit these qualities of Fire.

Now a word of caution: Fire may probably be the most dangerous Element if wielded incorrectly. There’s a reason why our parents didn’t throw a box of matches on our feet while we were kids and just “have some fun with it”. Common sense and experience tells us that fire burns whatever it touches, so dishonoring or misusing it in our practice will have serious repercussions.

As a Kitchen Witch, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Element, because despite best my efforts to be careful in the kitchen or anywhere I’m near it, I would always get burned, scalded, seared, smoked on, or spat with hot oil (which made me sound like I’M the slab of meat being cooked). Every. Single. Time. But this didn’t stop me from using Fire altogether. Instead, I grew to respect the element by learning to control its power as I see fit.

That being said, here are some ideas in including Fire in your practice (Again, PLEASE BE CAREFUL)

Cook your Food!

This one’s definitely a no-brainer to me. Try your hand into preparing your food. If you’re used to buying take-away or eating out, maybe this time try buying a few simple ingredients and make something out of it. Fire is an element of Transformation and Transmutation, and while you don’t have to cook something per se, the mere action of combining and transforming separate ingredients to form one dish is already paying homage to the element. If you do want to cook, try following a recipe as see fit. All that matters here is your Intention to make something new out of what you already have.

Another good idea is to incorporate herbs and ingredients associated to the element: pepper, rosemary, chili, cinnamon, paprika are just a few of the herbs and spices you can add.

Try your hand with some Candle Magick.

Birthday candles can do more than just top cakes. There are several resources available online on how you can do a simple Candle Spell with only a small candle and your intention.

Spark your Creativity.

I personally believe that everyone has that small flame of creativity hidden inside their souls, and that we’re born to discover where that small flame lies. Writing and drawing are just a few of the creative things you can try out, but if you feel that you’re not that “artistic”, then try your hand into something else: pottery, poetry, performance arts, photography, hand-lettering, debate, oration, modeling, video-making, blogging, the list goes on. Even if it’s as simple as stacking papers in a unique way and posting it as Your Work already counts. What matters here is that you Create something from what you already have, and the most bare-minimum “thing” you need to create something is your Willingness to do so.

And that wraps up my mini Elementary Series! It took a while for me to finish this, but glad I finally did.

Until Then, Blessed Be!