A Solitary Witch’s Open Letter


Dear Self:

You’ve been walking a solitary path for quite a while now, and you’ve done a lot of great, albeit remarkable, things your Past Self will definitely be proud of. You’ve made yourself an important choice by walking a road less trodden, not because your ego has told you to do so because you will receive recognition for daring such a feat, but because, deep down, you’ve always known it has always been Your Spirit’s call.

You’ve been thru hard times, thru battles of self-doubt, confusion, loneliness, and isolation. You’ve been tempted to stray away from your path multiple times, and have been misunderstood, maltreated, ridiculed, and left out so many times that you just want to banish all of the people who has shown you indifference, distaste, hate, and worse, resentment.

And yet here you are, still on Your Path, on your own, still striving to pursue what Your Spirit has told you.

Yes, you are still here.

And please, continue to be.

Sometimes the path is hard to trod simply because you feel as if no one is with you on this journey. You ask yourself, question yourself, re-affirm to yourself why you’ve been doing this after many a moons have already passed.

And it’s okay if you haven’t found the answer you’ve been looking for.

It’s okay to ask these questions, to doubt yourself, to embrace that part of yourself you’re afraid of embracing.

While the answer you’re looking for is still left unanswered, the future still uncertain, remember that you’re never alone in Your Path. You’ve never been alone in the first place. Remember that there is ALWAYS a Purpose behind everything.

Hold on, Hold fast.

Your Ancestors have your back.
Your Guides and Angels have your back.
Your Deities have your back.
Spirit has your back.

And more importantly,
Your Future Self has your back.

So walk Your Path, the Path of Your Future Self.

Remember that all will be well.

Blessed Be!


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