Elementary Series 03: Air

Hello and Many Blessings to You!

By now we’ve already talked about the Flow of Water and the Abundance of Earth, and what we can already do right now to develop our connection with them. If you haven’t read about those yet, you can go back to my previous posts here and here.

Now let’s talk about one of two of the Masculine Elements: Air.

But first, let me give you a quick primer why Air is even considered Masculine in the first place: you see, genders in elements don’t mean the same way as we associate gender to people or animals. Just because Water and Earth are feminine doesn’t mean that they are always female, and Air and Fire always male. These are based on associations used by magick practitioners to differentiate the energies these elements emit.

In other words, Feminine energies represent the energies that are receptive, passive, cold, and stagnant. While Masculine energies represent energies that are assertive, active, hot, and always moving. Together, they form a balance that is represented in numerous ways, both in Western and Eastern Traditions:

Yin and Yang. Body and Spirit. Light and Dark. Microcosm and Macrocosm.

(Note to self: write a post about the Balance of Nature in Magick)

Now going back to Air, it is the Masculine Element that represents the Mind, with Water representing Emotions, Earth the Physical Body, and Fire representing Action. With this in mind (pun intended), anything that deals with our thoughts, logic, and common sense is ruled by Air.

Admittedly, Air is the least Element I work with consciously, probably because being born with BOTH Sun and Moon Signs under Earth’s domain (Virgo and Taurus, respectively) I’ve always seen myself as grounded, calm, and centered. Still, I understand that balance is key, and so I try to think of ways how I can incorporate more Air and Fire into my personal practice (and this is my Aquarius Rising Sign trying to make itself known).

So what can you do to better connect with Air, if you’re like me who needs to add a breath of fresh air to your own practice? (Ugh, I’m starting to hate myself with these puns) Here again are three ways:

Cultivate the Mind. You can do this in several ways, but the simplest way I’ve discovered is to just read, and read, and read some more. Now this doesn’t mean that you read from books alone (although smelling a freshly opened book doesn’t harm); eBooks, Web Articles, Journals, the possibilities are almost infinite. More of a visual learner? Watch meaningful videos online, and I don’t just mean a two-day binge-a-thon of your favorite series on Netflix (sorry). Watch documentaries, reviews, interviews, anything that can help your brain juices flow (or at least stir it a bit) counts. One thing to consider when choosing what to watch lies on a simple question: what can I take away from watching this video that’ll help me in the near future? If your favorite Netflix show can answer this, then it counts as “educational”.

Practice or Learn a Form of Divination. Ahh, yes, how can I not talk about the Mind and not deal with divination? Point said, it’s good to know at least one form of divination, be it Runes, Tarot, Oracle Cards, Scrying, Bibliomancy, to name a few. Keep in mind that you don’t need to divination if you want to be successful in your practice, but it does help you recognize patterns and help you further develop your Intuition. Concerning divination, you don’t have to start learning about Tarot if the system intimidates you. I myself started off with simple oracle cards (the Keepers of the Light Oracle), and eventually I transitioned into Runes because I love learning about non-Latin writing systems. When I was confident enough to rely on my Intuition, that was the only time I added Tarot in my studies. I’m still studying up to this day, and I’m not in a rush to learn all seventy-eight cards in one sitting. I just enjoy the process… and I hope that you do too.

Breathe. No, I’m not joking about this. You REALLY need to breathe. You need to breathe MINDFULLY. Think of the last time when you got stuck in a rut and try to remember how your body felt back then. Did you hold your breath? Did you feel like gasping? While it’s normal to do these impulse without our full awareness, holding your breath and getting worked up all the time won’t solve your problems. Breathe it all out. Take three deep breaths, and then let the tension flow. Things will eventually work out, even if it doesn’t feel like it’s going to. Just breathe and let it move away.

With this, I hope I was able to give you enough information to help you soar higher in your studies (I should REALLY stop this Air-puns for my own sake).

Three down, one to go! On my next post, I’ll talk about the last Element in my series: Fire.

Until Then, Blessed Be!

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