Elementary Series 02: Earth

Hello and Many Blessings to You!

So I continue with my Mini Series, and this time I’ll be talking about the next Feminine Element: Earth.

Of all the elements, I consider Earth as not only as the most bountiful element out of the four, but also as the most giving of them all, which makes total sense because one of the qualities of Earth is Abundance.

There are multiple ways you can incorporate Earth in your practice. In fact, few of the more popular types of witchcraft nowadays stem from how each type of witchcraft connects to the Mother Earth: Green Witchcraft, Hedge Witchcraft, Crystal Witchcraft, and of course, Kitchen Witchcraft, to name a few.

The possibilities are, really, as limited as the Earth herself, if you stop and think about it.

Point said, the Earth element comes in many forms and aspects, but I’ll focus on one that I most work with: Herbs.

Herbs, for me, give more than just their flavor and aroma. Each has their own set of associations and correspondences which, when called upon with the proper intention, can help further manifest what I want to imbue in my cooking.

There are a lot of available resources, both online and on books, that list the different aspects and correspondents of various herbs and spices.

Admittedly, reading the multitude of planetary associations, intentions, gender, and zodiac is intimidating to most people who are just starting off with herbalism. While it can be helpful to read about them, oftentimes the most useful trick around this is simple:

Listen to Your Intuition.

If you feel that Cinnamon is used for good luck, go for it. If Lavender is best used for self-protection, then use it for any of your self-protection spells. Back then, people made use of what was readily available to them in their magickal practices. These, eventually, were passed down until they became the correspondences we know today. While we have the convenience of online shopping, groceries, and other means to buy herbs and spices, it’s not always necessary. Herbalism stemmed from witches, medicine men and women, shamans and cunning folk who didn’t have eBay or Amazon to get that one-hundred dollar crocus of some exotic plant. They just made use of everyday herbs.

And I believe we can also practice the same thing.

I’ll definitely do another post on personal tips and ideas on how you can substitute herbs in the future, but for now, here are three of my personal tips, aside from using herbs, to help you connect with the Earth:

Practice Grounding. To be “grounded”, in my personal terms, is a state where you find your Inner Calm, where you feel stable physically (how you pose your body), emotionally (how your feelings are at ease), mentally (where your mind is aware of its state, and not necessarily blank), and spiritually (where your spirit feels at one with your surroundings). There are several techniques you can read from other sources on how you can ground, but the method I’ve used involves sitting in a quiet space, closing my eyes, and visualizing my body sprouting “roots” that dig thru the floor. Any energy that I feel is “in excess”, I send to the floor thru the roots. This technique requires practice to get used to, but feel free to find the method you feel best.

Learn to Give Mindfully. To be connected with the Earth means that you share a few of her traits, one of which is to Give. Now, Mindful Giving doesn’t just mean that you give material things; your time, your energy, and even your service can also count, as long as the intention to give generously is there. With today’s mindset focused on getting and buying more, oftentimes to the point when you’ve gotten more than what you really need, learning to intentionally Give is maybe one of the best ways you can connect with Her.

Take Care of the Portion of Earth where You Live. While having your own garden or plot of land is ideal, this isn’t always the case, especially if you live in the city like me. How can you show the Earth that you care? Easy, take care of the place where you live. This can be as grand and as big as participating in citywide cleanup drives, or as simple as pocketing that small receipt and waiting to bin it until you see a trash can (plus points if you can reuse or recycle it). Using tumblers and reusable utensils is also a good idea, especially now that these products are becoming popular. I don’t want to sound cliché, but reducing your carbon footprint by being mindful where your wastes eventually end up is a good thing, whether you practice Magick or not.

Phew, that’s a lot I dealt with today! I know that some of these tips doesn’t sound too “magickal” or “witchy” enough to some, but one of my core principles in my personal practice is finding the Magick in the Mundane, which I believe, is what Kitchen Witchcraft is about. 😉

So I’m done with the two Feminine Elements, and it’s time to talk about the Masculine ones, starting with the Ever-Logical Element: Air.

Until then, Many Blessings to You!


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