Elementary Series 01: Water

Hello and Many Blessings to You!

I thought I’d begin with a mini series in mind, not just so that I can pick up the habit of writing in my blog, but also to do a refresher in one of the basic knowledge a witch needs to learn during his/her practice: working with the Elements.

Now keep in mind that it’s totally up to you if you want to include the elements in all of your magickal workings, and frankly, if you don’t feel like calling on the corners or even work with the elements in general, that’s totally okay too. The rule that I always hear in the magickal community is simple: You Do You.

With that out of the way, let me begin with how I personally work with the most important Element in my personal practice: Water.

As a Kitchen Witch, Water is definitely a must whenever I work my magick in the kitchen. Ever thought of making coffee without any liquid? Unless you’re being hardcore and decided to crunch on the roasted beans instead of steeping them, you need water, milk, or cream to brew your perfect cup of joe in the morning.

If you’re a tea fiend (which I’m 100% sure you are even if you don’t admit it), then you’d know where I’m coming from too, so I’ll leave it at that.

Point said, Water is an element that receives and flows. Like the Earth, She is considered as a Feminine Energy that receives and moves. But unlike the Earth, She flows and takes the shape of where you place Her. Until you turn Her into ice.

Whenever I cook something with liquid, especially if it’s a soup or stew, I turn my attention to the liquids that I place in the pot and briefly reflect how the Water brings the best in my cooking. I see Her as the carrier of the flavors, of the spices and of the aromas. Without Her, the food that I’m cooking will be nothing if not bland. And even if it’s something fried, She is still there in the form of the cooking oil, heated by Fire, ready to bring out the best of the flavors.

Now you know why some things, however initially disgusting and sometimes downright unthinkable, can suddenly look magically appealing and delicious after being fried in the golden liquid.

Scorpions. Bull Nuts. Unborn Chicks. You know, the typical Exotica found in your local streets.

If you’re interested to further hone your connection with Water, here are my personal tips (remember to practice with Safety in mind, and remember to make your own health a priority):

  • Be Aware of Her Presence. You don’t have to go all-out Katara and pretend that you can waterbend. Instead turn your attention to water whenever you encounter the element in your everyday life. Notice her in your morning drink. Feel her cool (or warm) touch when you take a bath. Notice the waterdrops as they trickle on a rainy day. Observe how she flows when you turn on the faucet when you wash your hands. Just the mere awareness of her presence is enough.
  • Be Thankful. Thank the Water (or Spirit, or the Universe) of her presence everytime you meet her. Again, you don’t need to do anything grand. Sometimes the simple act of gratitude is enough.
  • Include an Element of Water in Your Own Practice. Bath Magick, Kitchen Magick, and even a simple Meditation session with a bowl of water is enough. If you feel that a ritual for Honoring the Element herself is necessary, then do that. What matters is you develop your own personal connection and association with Water. Just don’t put your hand on a pan of smoking oil (remember: be safe)

I’ll be back with another post, this time to the next Feminine Element: Earth.

Until then, Merry Meet and Blessed Be!

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