0: The Fool

As paths and roads meet at common ground,

New beginnings are certain to be found.

With hope at heart, a spark of brave,

I’ll march right on; the past I leave.

It’s the sage that started it all.

Or was it the oracle cards?

Or Kitchen Magick?

Either way, I knew that I was different, not in a sense that I had some psychic ability or Natural Gift.

But then again, I’m not much into what I consider as “mainstream” either.

I just knew I had something that others don’t, that’s unique to me and only me.

Maybe I’m just eccentric, or maybe I’m just naive. But then again, my Spirit is calling me to go on with my own beat, to march at my own drum:

To listen to the whispers of the wind,

To embrace the morning sunlight,

To imbue my Intentions in all of my actions,

To be mindful,

To see both the light and dark, and accept them if need be,

And change the balance to be at scale again...

And so this is where I begin, where the crossroads of my path meet again.

I’m starting this blog.

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